Experience the Empowering Punch difference. 

Daily coaching, guidance and instructions from our 

professional team of Nutrition Experts, Fitness 

Coaches and Certified Personal Trainers 

pave the way for your success! 

Empowering Punch Weight Loss Academy provides

the tools, the education and the support to

finally WIN the WAR against weight gain.  

We bring new meaning to "Graduating with Honors"

Sylvia lost 40 lbs in 4 months!

Jennifer lost 70 lbs!


Empowering Punch Weight Loss Academy is a single semester course that delivers the most comprehensive weight loss application and education available. So what exactly does that mean? It's simple. You learn by doing. And BONUS! actually implementing your newly learned tips and tricks, you'll be losing weight, inches and body fat without even realizing you're on "a program". 

Problem: Most people that need to lose weight go into a program already defeated because they psych themselves out...they are worried about starving, feeling deprived and killing themselves at the gym for hours a day. They already have the mindset that it will be too difficult to follow or sustain so they fail before they even begin.

Solution: We teach you little pieces of magic each week to help you actually learn and understand the connection between food, fitness and sustainable weight loss. No, it's not a magic pill but the value of really understanding your body and how it works is priceless, so we like to call our teachings magical! (and you'll agree when you're done)! Now don't stress out thinking you're going back to school with tests and studying and huge time commitments, because that is the last thing we want on your plate! We teach in very basic terms and methods so you can easily follow, truly comprehend and ultimately replicate our program to continue on your own. 

Bottom Line: Diets are like bandaids. They are a short term fix to cover a problem. They never identify or solve the problem, nor offer a LONG TERM solution. We do exactly the opposite. We help you uncover the origin of your struggles, coach you how to overcome them and empower you with the knowledge and confidence to never have to diet again.  

Fact: Just a side note, for those of you who are less interested in LEARNING and more interested in LOSING, the average weight loss over the semester is 30-40 lbs. 

What You Will Learn...Just to Name a Few! 
  • How to transform your body, habits and mindset 
  • ​Thorough understanding of proper nutrition
  • ​How to determine your ideal body weight
  • ​How to identify and manage eating triggers
  • How to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight
  • ​The importance between macros and micros
  • ​How to design your own meal plans
  • ​How to easily incorporate fitness into your lifestyle
The How and the Wow!

{Well, not all of the secret sauce but a general course overview}

Results Are Just a Swipe Away!
  • Course is 100% Online through our custom EP application, Zoom calls and a private Facebook group page
  • Custom Meal Plans built specifically for you, your needs and your schedule
  • Training Workouts applicable to your fitness level and experience, targeting your problem areas​
  • Personal Accountability thru DAILY communication with your team of Certified Personal Trainers and coaches 
  • Weekly Calendar delivering daily fitness and nutrition instructions (you ALWAYS know what to do/eat!) 
  • ​Unlimited in-studio or live virtual Fitness Classes
  • Private live Group Workouts with your class
What to Expect
  • 1 Semester of Curriculum. Each week a new lesson is introduced via a pre-recorded video presentation enabling you to review at your leisure. Live Q&A Zoom calls will accompany that week's lecture to allow direct interaction with the instructors.
  • Academy Portal. All lessons are saved in your academy portal for easy access and review. 
  • Nutrition Plans. All meal plans will be built around your personal dietary needs. 
  • Fitness. You will need to invest in at least one pair of dumbbells. Your trainer will advise on what weight is needed.
  • Smart Device. You must have either a smart phone or device of some sort capable of running an app.
  • Facebook Account. You will need a Facebook account to access the coursework. 
  • Homework. To be very honest, nothing is graded. HOWEVER, the more you participate, adhere to the program and engage with the team and your classmates, the better you will do! We've been doing this for over 10 years and if you only put in 10% effort, you will only reap 10% of the benefits. You are about to join a team of fitness and nutrition professionals with YEARS of experience and THOUSANDS of pounds lost to show for it. Take advantage of our expertise and do your part. You will be KNOCKED OUT (yes cheesy line but appropriate) by not only your physical changes but your overall health, your mental strength, your confidence and your self-esteem. 

The Team Behind the Transformation 

"Empowering people with the inspiration, motivation and education to change their lives is incredibly rewarding. It’s why we do what we do." 
Paul Scianna

Best known for his extreme weight loss successes, Paul Scianna has raised the bar for health and fitness results. Whether you are the stay-at-home mom trying to lose 10 lbs, the professional athlete searching for that extra edge of performance or the 400 lb man fighting to walk up a flight of stairs…Paul’s Empowering Punch will get you there!

 At a very early age, it was remarkably evident that he would be a true leader in the world of fitness. Paul had an innate ability to excel in every aspect of athletics. In the midst of his college years, this natural talent exploded in the ring, beginning his boxing career. Excelling quickly in the sport, he made his professional debut on Fox’s reality TV show, The Next Great Champ with Oscar De La Hoya.

Years of research and experimentation with different nutrition plans and fitness training has allowed him to pinpoint the formula for success. Paul has developed his own unique recipe to transform both mindset and the body in a manner conducive for all ages, sizes and fitness levels. He is responsible for literally thousands of pounds of weight loss from his extensive list of transformed clients. 

Paul's real area of expertise lies within his teaching style. He breaks down the science in layman's terms to ensure every client not only understands how to follow the process but more importantly, learns from it. His unmatched work ethic and perseverance to succeed is the reason he is so highly sought out in the world of fitness. His programs empower you with the knowledge, confidence and desire to never give up on yourself again. 

 Professional Boxer

 Master Trainer & Nutrition Expert

 Gym Owner & Business Coach
 Founder of EP 

Weight Loss Academy

Danyl Scianna
Growing up as a competitive athlete from the tender age of seven, Danyl Scianna has never lost that fire to always strive to be the best.

Competing in everything from mountain bike racing, karate, volleyball, softball, soccer, bodybuilding and 12 years of competitive speed skating, she became obsessed with learning how the body transforms with proper training and nutrition.

Her pure passion for athletic performance soon opened the door to personal training which, without question turned into her very fulfilling career leading her to Empowering Punch. 

With over 20 years of personal training and fitness experience, Danyl's competitive efforts are now directed toward empowering her clients to be the best they can be. She finds that educating women how  to overcome the natural challenges that come with age or pregnancy is the secret to success.

Danyl is certified in pre and post natal training in addition to multiple fitness and personal training certifications. She has first hand experience with body transformations after having 2 children, both via c-section and personally managing  diastasis recti . 

She and Paul continue to blend their extensive experience to create custom programs for every client, every day. 

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